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Many of our clients have extensive high value watch collections as well as exquisite jewellery and require to store them correctly and securely. To accommodate these requirements our team is pleased to supply/manufacture bespoke additions to the safes.


High quality watches are precision made, delicate time pieces that require the mechanisms to be kept running when not being worn. Quality watch winders keep a single watch or collection of watches constantly running (without excessive winding). This in turn extends the life of the watch and helps to ensure that the watch requires little to no adjustment when worn.

Best Home Safes has secured a special arrangement with Rapport London so that we may supply and install their world-renowned quality watch winders.

Please note:
Purchasing through Best Home Safes will qualify you for special discounted prices.



Our safes can be easily modified to accommodate the Rapport watch winders. This will further increase the security and protection of your precious time-pieces.

These stylish and hand-crafted automatic watch winders offer a luxurious and extensive range. We offer a selection of watch winders to store from one to multiple watches, in stunning designs.

The Rapport watch winders will help to maintain your automatic watches without strain or over-tightening.

Rapport have a reputation associated with high-quality products and have been established since 1898. The Rapport Collection is made exclusively to suit the requirements of the connoisseur of fine products.

Please note:
Rapport watch winders: We offer watch winders when a client purchases one of our safes.

To view Rapport Watch Winders visit their website: Rapport London

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