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Our Gold Command investigation team have, on more than one occasion, been asked by insurers to investigate the “lifting” and theft of a safe, plus the contents. It has proven to be, in several cases, that the safe simply was not installed correctly, and in some instances had been bolted directly into timber. By installing directly into wood the safe can be tilted enough to simply rip the bolts from the timber surface. Our philosophy is that one should NEVER bolt a safe direct into timber.

The team at Best Home Safes have devised our own approved security plate which the safe can be bolted onto .

There are numerous questions that may make a difference to the way our installer approaches the installation, such as:

  • Is the safe to be installed in a house?
  • A Flat?
  • An Office?
  • Ground Floor?
  • Concrete Floor?
  • Underfloor heating systems?

We will always prefer, for security reasons, to install our safes onto solid / concrete floors. Wooden joists is an option providing we use our security base plate, which we will be pleased to install at cost price, simply to help better protect you.

If there are underfloor heating we are unable to bolt the safe to it but we have a system of bonding the safe to the floor which has been approved by insurers.

If our client wishes to have the safe housed within a cabinet we are able to build this for them and, if required, we can also design and build a pedestal for the safe to stand on. We are also able to install safes into existing cupboards or even wardrobes providing that we underpin these areas, which we can do at minimal cost.

If the floor is unsuitable, it is equally possible for us to attach the safe to a solid wall.

Our team will frequently check floor weight loadings etc., will use only insurance and manufacturer approved fixings and will always follow the manufacturers and insurers installation guidelines. We have read all too often where a claim has been declined due to the method of installation .


Naturally, as a security specialist, our organisation would always recommend that the area of property is also covered by alarm systems, remembering that the safe is simply another layer of security protection / deterrent. Our team from Gold Command will be pleased to survey and advise upon any of your security requirements.

Your Safe Is Secret With Us

To learn more about how Best Home Safes can help to protect your valuables, cash, jewellery and documents then call our vetted expert in confidence today on Freephone 0800 520 0999 or Mobile 07838 200 742 / Mobile 0786 774 7778.

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