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There are a number of reasons where it may be appropriate or simply convenient to have a smaller secondary safe (or dummy safe). This second safe can be available close to the main bedroom in order to secure valuables temporarily until placed in the main security safe.

We are often asked to supply and install secondary safes and we have, over the years, found specific safes and mini-vaults that we find are most suitable.


The CS-HL2 is a British made high quality secondary safe ideal for home or small business use as a main safe and is ideal for secondary use as it provides a £4,000 cash rating and £40,000 valuables rating. This secondary safe is offered in 9 different sizes which goes from a 14.5 litre capacity up to 328 litre capacity.

This safe also meets ISO 9001 Quality standards resistance grade III, according to EN 1143-1-2012 and ECB-S C10, and complies with standards set by LPCB (the Loss Prevention Certification Board). The safe is approved by AiS (Association of Insurance Surveyors), and has the backing of Secured by Design which is the Police Preferred Specification. This safe is tested to British Standards 25 minute Fire Protection.



We are also pleased to supply and install a mini vault which may be installed either with key locking or electronic locking. This secondary safe / mini vault has a £4000 cash and £40,000 valuable rating and is AiS approved. The units are independently tested and certified to EN14450 52, in addition to being of a double walled construction with fire resistant infill to DIN 4102.

Mini Vaults are sturdy and capable of resisting attack due to a use of innovative features, such as concealed hinges, 8mm anti-bludgeon laser-cut door and 25mm dog bolts. In keeping with this, all other vulnerable areas of the safe are protected with hardened steel plates.


Each safe comes with a single shelf, which we will supply free of charge. Best Home Safes also offers additional inserts as well as watch winders and bespoke safe inserts (see separate pages for details).

To learn more about how Best Home Safes can help to protect your valuables, cash, jewellery and documents then call our vetted experts in confidence today on Freephone 0800 520 0999 or Mobile 07838 200 742 / Mobile 0786 774 7778.


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