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We previously ran a story entitled ‘Your ‘safe place’ could be a safe bet for thieves’.  The data for this report was supplied by and at the end of the article we enhanced their press release by adding some of our own data gleaned from our on-line Home Security Survey application.’s research firmly established the fact that most householders are hiding their valuables (jewellery, cash, important papers, passports etc.) around the home rather than using a safe.  Helpfully they even produced a list of the top five favoured hiding places, which included the following:

  • Sock drawer (13%)
  • Top of the wardrobe (9%)
  • Under the bed (9%)
  • Under the sink (6%)
  • Under the bedside table (No figure given)

These are just some of the likely locations that most people will keep their valuables.

To read the complete article visit the link below:

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