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We are sure that when you are considering the purchase and installation of a safe,
you will have a number of questions that you may like to ask us.

Outlined below are just a few of the questions we are regularly asked which we have included in order to assist you.

A: Would you put a note on your front gate to tell the world that you have £100K worth of valuables in your home? At Best Home Safes we offer a discreet confidential service.  When you buy over the phone or internet you do not know who you are dealing with. You are telling complete strangers that you have a lot of valuables in your home!   Here at Best Home Safes we are retired police officers, vetted by UK Government and an overseas friendly government. Until you place the order we do NOT ask for your address.

A: Our policing experience and subsequent work for UK insurers, identifies that most thefts of jewellery are committed by people that have legitimate access to the home. Remove that temptation by keeping items that are dear or confidential locked away in our quality safes.

A: A graded safe is one that meets stringent tests. Graded safes start at Grade 0 £60K valuables up to our Grade 5 safe £1m valuables.  There are lower rated safes that start at £20K valuables protection.

A: The safe needs to go somewhere where you are going to use it.  Sometimes clients ask for the safe to go into the loft or basement.  This of course can be impractical.  We like to professionally install the safe in a discrete location.  If this location is out of the way then also perhaps consider a smaller cheaper secondary safe that you can use for overnight purposes which may be in the main bedroom area or nearby.

A: DANGER!!  When we undertook our research and investigations for insurers on safes being stolen all safes had been bolted directly onto a wooden base.  We have invented a unique product that SIGNIFICANTLY strengthens the security of the safe when bolted into wood.  We supply this product at COST price to further the security and interests of our clients and insurers.

A: Yes. We will bond the safe with a solution that is acceptable by all major insurers.  This is a very secure way of installing the safe.

A: Yes. We can install a watch winder access point for mains electricity.

A: Electronic digital lock is better. 90% of our clients have a digital electronic lock. This negates the need to hide a key for the safe. We supply the digital lock at cost.

How can you protect your valuables, cash, jewellery and documents?
Contact our vetted experts in confidence today on 0800 520 0999 

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