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Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Only go to a reputable safe company that has been recommended by friends or colleagues.
  • Do not use a company that has a high turnover of staff.
  • Do not buy online.  Buying a safe requires advice and personal service
  • Do not complete online forms.  You are telling a stranger that you have expensive jewellery watches or cash in your house!
  • When making initial enquiries NEVER give your address straight away.  Only divulge your address once you have checked their confidentiality systems and you are happy with the company and agreed a price.
  • Only buy jewellery or watches from a company that you trust.  Try and avoid giving your home address but instead give a business address if that is feasible.
  • Take a long-term view.  In a few years’ time you may be buying more watches or jewellery. If so, consider buying the next grade of safe.  It may also save money if insurers want further protection.

We will never ask for your address at the initial consultation. We will only ask when you place the order.

Your Safe Is Secret With Us

To learn more about how Best Home Safes can help to protect your valuables, cash, jewellery and documents then call our vetted expert in confidence today on Freephone 0800 520 0999 or Mobile 07838 200 742 / Mobile 0786 774 7778.

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